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About Us

About UsExcellent service, and a privileged geographic location have been key factors for this company that today has become a leading enterprises in the shipping and forwarding sector.

USA Pet Movers is an independent agency of international transport, specialized in air, maritime, and 3PL transport as well as personalized logistic projects, whose recognition within the logistic and global transport sector has permitted it to improve its position and obtain preferred agreements with major airlines and maritime companies.


PhilosophyUSA Pet Movers is a company that benefits from well-reputed experience in our sector, not only because of the know-how of our team, but also because of the way we understand our work and the commitment that is a constant in our relationship with our clients .

Our objective is to provide quality and service; to be the connecting element in a perfect union between our clients and their logistical needs. The sum of our talents is the strength of our team.


Quality Service

USA Pet Movers provides top quality transportation assistance to individuals and institutions that need to relocate their pet anywhere in the world


Best Rates

USA Pet Movers offers you the best rates in pet transportation. Our partnership with major airlines, you can not go to the counter and beat our price. By using us as your pet transportation service you can save BIG BUCKS!!!


Pet Shipping

We schedule our trips around the needs of your pets. USA Pet Movers can transport a manageable amount of pet at one time and we are on constant call anywhere they may be in the continental United States. Please give as much notice as possible so that we can work our schedule with yours.


Air Transport

We at USA Pet Movers are not an airline or carrier, but we work with transportation agents around the world to create customized travel arrangements for your pets. Ranging from pet to packages, we arrange safe, comfortable, expedient transport and delivery of your goods to their final destinations.